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    Shahrzad Arasteh

    Hi Maiya,

    Thank you for your post! I agree that for many of us (especially those who love your work and the way you teach because of your message and attention to passion and meaning) being passionate about what we do matters. There are lots of people who love creating businesses for the sake of doing so, or because of the specific focus on the business side of it. There are others of us who are doing it the other way around: the business is created because it is a vehicle that allows us to do what we're passionate about, and allows us to create (sometimes eventually :-) the life that works for our specific values, priorities, interests, and situation.

    In college, I remember hearing this advice about being an entrepreneur: "You are not an entrepreneur unless you are creating a business based primarily on what will generate income (whatever that would happen to be), not based on something you want to do/are interested in." They suggested you should not be attached to whatever the business is selling, and be willing to change it at any time to go with the thing that sells at that point. Now, I know creating income is very important, but that statement did not make any sense to me. It sounded like a terrible way to live (not to care about/work based on interest or passion).

    There is a business model and philosophy for everyone! Yours is the one that resonates with me and many others in helping and healing professions...because we do want to create a business and a life that will "fuel our soul...and our bank account." :-)

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